Build process

Building a home is an exciting journey. If you choose to build with White Wood Homes, we will work with you to make the process as clear and transparent as possible. You will get access to your own login page which lets you know exactly which stage your build is at and what comes next. Here’s an overview of the process involved in building your new home.

Step 1 – Get in contact

Congratulations, you have decided to look at building a new home. Once you make first contact with us we will schedule a meeting to discuss your project and the vision you would like to achieve.

The building site plays a major factor in the complete build cost. If you have not already purchased a section, it’s not too early to get in touch. We can talk through what section types will work best for your build budget and discuss any sites you’re interested in.

Step 2 – Site meeting

We can arrange a time to meet you at your section and discuss your plans in relation to the site.

We’d also be happy to show you around some of our recent projects so you can get an idea of the quality of our workmanship. It’s also helpful if you have a digital copy of your property file from the council and as much information as possible. That way we can determine if there are any easements or restrictions that may impact the design.

Step 3 – Design & planning

Our philosophy is “Better Design, Better Build”… and it works! The combination of these two elements pay dividends and help achieve a seamless build process and superior end result. We encourage our clients to work with one of our preferred architects to help bring their vision to life. The architects will listen to your needs and ideas and start to configure a concept plan. At this stage we liaise with you and the architect and make suggestions for build efficiency, and economy of the design. The concept plan will show you how your home might look and function. It can be adjusted and tweaked accordingly until you are satisfied. There’s also the option of seeing it in a 3D view for an accurate example of how the home will look before proceeding to the next stage.

Need some design ideas?

Step 4 – Pricing & the contract

Now we can start to put together a full fixed price for you. We want to make sure our pricing is as clear and transparent as possible so it’s great if we can meet with you and discuss the works required and product specifications. This gives you the chance to ask any questions you may have and make sure you’re aware of everything that will be included in the pricing. We will go ahead and prepare the quote and Master Builders building contract, complete with a 10 year Master Builders Guarantee.

Step 5 – Consent process

Once the building contract is signed and, and if required, your finance is approved, your building deposit will be due. Your deposit is part of the fixed price and is used to cover costs in preparing your build.

Communication will be made with the designer to complete the plans and get your project ready for council submission. The design will need to pass the required consents which vary depending on the design, site, and zoning of your new home

Step 6 – Construction

This is an exciting stage as shortly you will see the home start to take some shape.

Once your plans have been approved by the local council, we can work on confirming your start date along with the construction schedule.

We’ll provide a client login to our online portal where you will be able to track the progress of your build and see what’s coming up next. This means you will be informed throughout the entire process.

If you’re busy and can’t make it to site some weeks to see the build, that’s fine. We have you covered with regular photo uploads to your portal where you can view the progress.

Step 7 – Compliance

We use our White Wood Homes comprehensive 400 point checklist for all projects. This is to ensure every aspect of the process is covered. As we approach the end of the build, we will organise the Code of Compliance inspection with council so you can obtain your final certification.

The Code of Compliance Certificate confirms the build complies with the building consent and shows that the work is compliant and complete.

Step 8 – Handover

Once the build is complete and the home is professionally cleaned, it’s time for you to inspect the quality of your new home. When satisfactory, we call this “Practical completion”.

You’ll be presented with your keys along with information about the house and warranties.

Then it’s time to celebrate, move in, and enjoy your brand new home.

But don’t think we will forget you! White Wood Homes offer a defects period for each and every build. We will inspect the home after three months, and again one year from practical completion, and repair any build defects which may appear during this time. All of our builds are also covered by a Master Build 10-Year Guarantee.

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